Friday, 28 August 2015

Land of Castles: Wales, England

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Hello everyone! Welcome to land of castles, where the history of the castle is more beautiful than the rainbow. On this blog, I will talk about castles in Wales. Before that, let’s talk about Wales first. Wales is the beautiful ancient Celtic kingdom. It's located at the east and Celtic sea on the west of England. Wales is a modern country with a magnificent heritage. It is a country that worth to be fighting for because everywhere you travel, there’s a castle to remind you with two thousand years of history. It always be referred as a land of castle since it is home to some of the castles in the Europe. The castle capital of the world once had over 400 castles, but only 100 are still survive and can be found all over the country. 

 Wales location in England. 

100 castles? Well, don’t be shocked to hear it. If you don’t have time to visit every single one, sit up and relax because here I will tell you everything about the most interesting castles to know and visit. So let’s get started with the major castle in North Wales.

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