Are you ready for the adventure? Let’s begin with Conwy Castle first. Conwy was built between 1283 and 1289. This castle was designed by James by St. George, who was a master castle builder that being summoned from mainland Europe to implement Edward’s plans. He was born around 1230 and worked a number of great European castles before start to work for King Edward. His last design is a Beumaris castle in Wales that will be told later.

     “The great fortresses of medieval Europe.” That was the best and simple description about Conwy castle.  It has 8 massive towers and high curtain wall. This castle is surrounded by a well-preserved wall that make this castle stronger. This wall helps the town maintain a medieval character lost by other Welsh over the year. This castle also known as “iron ring castles” because this castle is an important part of King Edward 1’s plan to surrounding Wales from the rebellious population. They highly defensible wall that's built around the castle to protect the English colony planted at Conwy. It's because the native Welsh was violently opposed to English occupation of their homeland.
The bridge

   The castle rises out of the hill that make it have a very beautiful view. It's been connected to the main peninsula by the old majestic bridge. The castle also dominates the entrance of Conwy that make it automatically have a sense of strength and compactness to the observer. The original entrance to the outer ward was defended by drawbridge and portcullis. Originally it also takes along stepped ramp up to the west Barbican to get there. Inside, it has four towers that provide accommodation for garrison and in the base is Prison Tower.  On the left the foundations mark the site of the kitchens and stables and the unusual bowed plan of the Great Hall was made necessary by the rocky foundations on the right. Some 125 ft, that dominate outer ward and have fine windows and original bright decoration that appeared with a glorious sight during royal feasts. Castle wall is at the far end of the ward, beyond a further drawbridge that protected the entrance to the inner ward. This was the heart of the castle where the king and queen's chamber are being located.
Outer ward
View of the MILL Gates section of town wall 

Building structure plan

 Conwy was more than a castle, a small town was protected by 1,400 yards of wall on average 24 feet thick. Some of this can be walked upon and it provides a view of what has been called a masterpiece of military engineering. Journey to the castle will present you with unforgettable story and a memory that still alive.

Conwy castle at night by Fred Selby

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